Last night, I went to the to the Dragons of Tarkir midnight prerelease at the Twenty Sided Store, and had an AWESOME time.

Twenty Sided Store is an especially friendly local game store (they have a great code of conduct) and they were even featured on a NPR’s Planet Money podcast! If you haven’t listened to it, check out “Episode 609: The Curse of the Black Lotus.”

I met a lot of very friendly people and we supported each other throughout the night. One even gave me a pack of sleeves!

It was the first time I played with sleeves, so I felt super legit.


Dragonlord Atarka led my deck. She and her brood powered me to a 3-0 victory (my very first one).

Every time she landed on the battlefield, she was devastating.

Here’s some highlights of the night:

My Harbinger of the Hunt was a powerhouse. When it was encased in ice, it still roasted enemies left and right. When flying free, it even killed off a Sunscorch Regent!

encase in ice

Slickest move of the night was when I played Guardian Shield-Bearer to get Illusory Gains off my Stampeding Elk Herd.

Illusory Gains

Overall, super fun. Highly recommend Twenty Sided Store. Highly recommend Red/Green deck with Atarka.

Here’s my deck list:

1x Kolaghan Stromsinger
2x Guardian Shield-Bearer
1x Glade Watcher
1x Atarka Beastbreaker
1x Kolaghan Aspirant
1x Hardened Berserker
1x Ainok Artillerist
1x Atarka Efreet
1x Conifer Strider
1x Stampeding Elk Herd
1x Harbinger of the Hunt — promo
1x Stormcrag Elemental
1x Dragonlord Atarka

1x Dragon Fodder
1x Roast
1x Epic Confrontation
1x Tail Slash
1x Fierce Invocation
2x Sarkhan’s Rage
1x Frontier Siege

1x Rugged Highlands
9x Mountain
9x Forest

Last weekend, mom got me really excited when she told me we were going to an orange grove, to pick our own oranges.

It turned out that she had misread the flyers, and the orange grove was an orange market.

Silly mom <3

orange market

Despite not being a grove, the market was still super neat. We got to sample lots of citrus and citrus juice.

The market had a juicing and shipping operation where you could see all the machinery that went into creating OJ and shipping oranges around the US.

I had a great time, and definitely would visit the market again!