Amazon is now getting into the 3D printing business!

Amazon 3D Printing Shop

They current only offer a limited selected of printers, supplies, and printed goods.

I’m not sure what market they’re targeting yet, because typically, it’s not the goods themselves that makes 3D printing cool (it’s the process of manufacturing something super custom). There’s also no option for custom printing (yet).

However, this does provide a marketplace, which will compete with services like Shapeways, who also provides a community marketplace for 3D printed goods.

Octopus Salame

I’ve been craving the octopus salame from Rosemary’s every since I read about it. It just looks so appetizing!

Yesterday, I finally got to eat it! Unfortunately, it was a little bland.

The show stopper, however, was the linguine. The linguine was AMAZING! It didn’t look much, but was so rich and full of flavor. I loved it!

Be sure to try it if you’re ever at Rosemary’s!

I went to the DVLUP Day yesterday. It was an event to encourage folks to create Windows Phone apps. I’m not a mobile developer, but I was curious, and decided to check it out.

The event was held at Microsoft’s shiny new building. When I got there, I was surprised by a giant line. Looks like a lot of people are really into this.

lines O__O

The day started out with some talks. I learned about Nokia phones going under the umbrella of Microsoft. Whoa!

As a fun aside, there was a tattoo station with tattly tattoos. I love tattly! I got “Makers Gonna Make” on my arm. Very apropos, considering my recent publication in MAKE magazine.

Makers Gonna Make

Unfortunately I left early, but from what I saw, it was a neat event.