I went skiing with a whole lotta folks this weekend. It was AWESOME!

We stayed in this gorgeous condo, and a neat little blue bus shuttled us to and fro from the mountain.


Harry and I befriended the super nice driver, Kevin. Once, he even dropped us off in front of our doorstep, instead of the bus stop a couple blocks away.


built by Harry

I had a lot of fun skiing.

I’m not a confident skier, so I went down at a snail pace. Harry went down the mountain with me, and  waited at all the plateaus… must’ve been a long time… ’cause for a while I fell and couldn’t get up… until an olde man skied by and physically lifted me… >___<


Back at the lodge, there’s thai noodles in green curry! I ate big bowls every day. So tasty :d

Such a great trip!

All of us

Here’s all of us. Photo by Timothy.


It’s Cronut Monday!

After many months of lusting, my work buddies finally managed to place a bulk order for these pastries. (Bulk orders are hard to place, since Dominque’s Bakery only takes one order per day).

They came came today! Best Monday ever!

*It’s a Raspberry Lychee Cronut, and it’s DELICIOUS!

Make: Ultimate 3D Printing Guide

Make released its Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing a while back, and I didn’t think I was going to buy it.

From all appearances, it looked like a buyer’s guide to 3D printers, and I was already pretty well informed of the printer varieties. However, Jesse happened to get a copy and I decided to flip through it.

The magazine turned out a lot more interesting than I’d thought.

There were a lot of neat interviews with folks in the 3D printing business as well as articles on legal issues surrounding 3D printing. In fact, one article about copyright inspired my own research into 3D printing patents.

My favorite part of the magazine was the distinction in price between $0 and free software for 3D modeling tools.

If you’re new to 3D printing and are shopping for a 3D printer, or just interested in the development of the 3D printing community, this magazine will suit your needs very well. I was definitely interested in the community aspect, and bought a copy just for that.

However, if you’re looking to troubleshoot a specific printer, or want a lot more technical subjects, this might not be the guide for you.

Oh snap! Someone bought my Sleep No More fabric! I hope they make something cool with it.


It reminded of my last visit to the McKittrick, a couple months back.


I was far less enthused because it was my third visit, but the McKittrick surprised me.

A man, (whom I believe to be the Taxidermist), inspected the torn pages of a book in Gallow Green.

I tailed him closely for a couple of scenes. He returned to that Gallow Green shoppe, shoved me aside, picked the guest next to me for his 1-on-1, and slammed the door. I was so sad Mr. Taxidermist. I don’t mind not being picked but it hurts to be shoved.

I then wandered around and got to see Hecate! Finally!


She ate a raw steak and coughed up a ring. One guest tried to sit next to her as she was eating the steak, and was shoed away. She may have picked me for the ring, with her knife reflecting a light like a pointer, but I was too uncertain to step forward. Later, her lip synched to “Is That All There Is” and was handed a paper boat by another guest.

Wandering alone in the cemetery, I caught the Taxidermist(?) somberly strolling to a gravestone. He handed me his umbrella, and proceeded to bury the bones of a small creature.

Later I also saw a secret, acrobatic dance between him and the Sexy Witch in the autopsy room.

Somewhere in the mix of events, I saw Lady Macbeth washing her husband after the murder. She was such an awesome Lady Macbeth.

After the rave, I dashed after the Boy Witch, knowing his upcoming scene. I had never seen that scene before, but the fact I knew it was proof that I’ve become a  Sleep No More veteran.

In writing this post, I realized just how much I saw during my third visit. It was absolutely amazing.