I went to dinner with Emily tonight. We went to Lam Zhou, a restaurant famous for their hand pulled noodles.

Lam Zhou

I got beef soup noodles and it was quite delicious!

The beef was a little tougher than I’d like, but the noodles were perfect. It’s a very different style from the hand pulled noodles of Biang! (one of my favorite hand pulled noodle places) but tasty nevertheless.

On the subway ride home I encountered a group of kids with extreme acrobatic abilities. They performed an amazing set of moves using the subway poles.

frozen mid air

One guy hoped on a pole, and frozen mid-air. He suspended himself, making it look like time stopped for a minute.

I’m not usually impressed by subway performances, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

What a night.


A couple Wednesdays ago (when it was still freezing out), I went to this great talk by Voevodsky on Univalent Foundations of Mathematics.

It had a really great narrative on how he came to discover a new foundation for mathematics and an argument for theory proving via computer programs.

I’d first heard about this talk through the LispNYC meetup (an AWESOME group), and saw a couple of the meetuppers at the event!

At the post-talk reception, Voevodsky came up and said he liked how we were enthusiastic audience members.


What a cool guy!


It’s my last day at Pycon. I’m SOO TIRED yet still SOO EXCITED.

So Tired

I went to a neat poster session, and talked to folks about their cool projects, like Raspberry Pi game consoles and voice-to-braille generators.

Stumbling upon a room of boardgamers, I joined a game of Dominion. It was my first time playing a physical Dominion. So much shuffling…


Lunch was with the Pyladies. I didn’t realize how much I missed hanging out with just women. There was a neat event where all the women that gave talks this conference went to a microphone, introduced themselves, and gave bits of wisdom.


I was impressed by the number of women who thanked Jessica for personally reaching out to them. She’s such a trooper.

After lunch, I heard one of my favorite talks this conference. It was “Farewell and Welcome Home: Python in Two Genders” by Naomi Cedar. It was really amazing.

I had a great time at Pycon. It was my first software conference, and I loved it. I saw some of my Boston Python friends and made some new ones.

Folks, if you like Python, or just software in general, definitely go to Pycon next year.


~Jenny signing out, from the airport.

Day 3 started with a case of the sads. I woke up realizing I’d missed Jessica‘s talk, due to my mis-reading of the schedule.

Guess I gotta watch the Pycon videos afterwards…


On a happier note, I caught Ned‘s talk! It was about getting started with testing.


Check it out! It has really awesome illustrations from his son!

During lunch, I had my very first macaroon.


It was not at all what I expected! I liked it. It was tasty.

For dinner, I went with a bunch of Python folks to a vegetarian restaurant. There was a moment in the night when everyone tried to create standing waves in our drinking glasses, by ringing the glass. So good!

I’m looking forward to more talks tomorrow, as well as the Pyladies lunch!

Jenny out.