Shows, Events, & All That Jazz

More Burning Man stuff we did!

  • Riding G Dragon across the Playa. (Seriously, biking is a lot of fun.)
    G Dragon
  • People took polariod pictures of us! I haven’t seen one of those cameras in ages!
  • Harry had deliciousness from Moon Cheese.
    Moon Cheese
  • Fire cars!
    fire car
  • Temple arches with hand-dyed silks blowing in the breeze
    temple arch
  • A really cool installation where you lay on the floor and watch fire sprout from the ceiling
    fire ceiling

Not done yet!

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

I just got back from Burning Man and it was AMAZING!

Here are some highlights:

  • The view of the Man against the mountain ridges was gorgeous.the Man
  • Harry had too much fun jumping on interactive lights that responded with different colors.jumpin' lights
  • Discofish went on the prowl at night, luring Burners with its grooviness.
  • The Dome on the Playa was full of hand bound books, blank and ready to be filled with guest stories.
  • Embrace stood out on the horizon. Inside, two giant hearts pulsated with light.

All of this is from just the first day!

To be continued!


Oh boy! It’s Pygotham weekend!

Alberty, Harry, and I got up obscenely early today to attend this adorable New York python conference.


It was well worth it, ’cause we made it for breakfast, as well as for an amazing welcoming keynote by Hilary Mason.

She told us to stay curious, build community, and pave the way forward for Python (major paraphrase here).

HIlary Mason

After her talk, we briefly met up with my work buddies Adam and Jeff, before scurrying off to the talks.


Throughout the day, I got some nifty stickers for our tech sticker collection! :D

Tomorrow, Brandon Rhodes is giving the closing keynote tomorrow. I saw him at the last Pycon and he was an amazing speaker!

He’s also going to be the co-chair of Pycon in 2015!

So excited!




Harry and I went pseudo-camping this weekend. We’d wanted to test a tent we’d bought, so we went to his family home (conveniently a Christmas tree farm).


There, we plopped our tent among the fledgling Christmas trees, and camped the night.

The verdict? A wee bit too small.

Time to get an upgrade!