Shows, Events, & All That Jazz

Harry and I went pseudo-camping this weekend. We’d wanted to test a tent we’d bought, so we went to his family home (conveniently a Christmas tree farm).


There, we plopped our tent among the fledgling Christmas trees, and camped the night.

The verdict? A wee bit too small.

Time to get an upgrade!

Best Parts:

  • Saw Rassi! That was an awesome surprise! :D
  • Really good talks (like the one on North Korea) !
  • A lot of cool groups with neat stuffs (FSF, No Starch Press, etc)!

Worst Parts:

  • Hope X was kinda oversold, and they couldn’t fit a lot of people for the keynote talks. It was a huge bummer.
  • Videos of talks won’t be up for a while. Info Booth folks said Hope was planning to sell them as DVDs, and then release them much later. (Temporarily, they’re up on Hope X stream archive)



Last Friday night, I took the Brooklyn VI out of Sheephead Bay with some of my fellow anglers for an awesome night of fishing.

The waters were great and the night was cool and breezy. This boat was a lot smaller than the GoRuCo cruise ship so you really felt the tossing of the waves.

It was my first time fishing in the ocean (also first time fishing with a real rod). I was super excited.

fishing rod

We started off jigging. No luck.

Next we tried bait.


I was a little squeamish about the bait, since they were large chunks of fish instead of nightcrawlers (what I’m used to). What kind of monstrosity were we fishing for?!

Turned out we were fishing for sharks.

Over the couple hours, we caught loads of sharks. Though, not the bluefish or bass we were hoping for, sharks made it a very exciting night.

When I caught my shark, it was a surprise. I was casually reeling in my line, when all of a sudden it got really hard. I panicked a little when I saw a shark emerge from the surface. Harry had to help me reel it in all the way.


We returned all the sharks back to the sea. Due to peer pressure, I had to personally return my shark.

Oh boy was that an experience.

Overall, the night was super fun. We didn’t catch any keeper fish, but we still had a great time.

I wanna go fishing again!

All aboard the Hornblower Hybrid!

Hornblower Hybrid

GoRuCo‘s awesome end-of-conference party was on the high seas.

Being more into Python, I didn’t actually attend the conference, (though I heard really good things about it). Thankfully, GoRuCo allowed +1’s to the cruise party, which is how I got on board. Success!

The ship sailed around Manhattan and showcased a gorgeous view of the sunset. It was super pretty.

Sunset in Manhattan

I wish more conferences did cruise parties! So much fun!

Good evening fellow Nightvale citizens.

I heard an amazing broadcast from the Town Hall late last Wednesday.

Cecil Baldwin

Cecil and his crew gave an amazing update on the happenings of our town.

Among the audience were hooded figures and various folks in mysterious attire. I know I’m supposed to un-see them, but their presence made me smile. (A real smile! Not a Smiling God smile!)

The recorded broadcast will hopefully be out soon! I’ll link it below.

Mom, Harry, and I went manatee watching in Florida last weekend.

on a boat

We took a small boat out to brakish waters.

manatee footprints

Initially we saw manatee footprints, rings of still water created by manatee movement.

Then, we spotted the manatees, with their nose sticking out of the water.

nose goes


We also saw a dolphin that came up to play beside the boat.

It was so close that we could almost pet it!

This was a pretty fun trip.

Cat Cafe

There’s a pretty neat Cat Cafe that popped up this weekend. It featured adorable adoptable cats that you can go play with.

Long lines

I tried to go Friday during lunch, but the line was over 2 hours long!

Instead of waiting, I resigned myself to watching Cat Cafe’s livestream.


While watching, I saw Freddy, a super adorable tabby that I fell in love with. I inquired about adopting Freddy, but I think he’s already going to a forever home. While a little sad, I’m really glad he’s going to a better place.

The Cat Cafe has been really successful at getting their cats adopted. I hope they create a more permanent establishment, giving more cats a chance to find a good home.