3D Print Your Own Glasses

I wrote a little script to 3D print your own glasses. You don’t need much modeling skills. Just load up the script in Blender and load up your SVG (scalable vector graphics, like JPG except vector format). It’s going to do the 2D to 3D conversion for you (complete with nose pads) in just a few clicks!

You can play around with all sorts of designs!


Seth Taylor glasses

I started with the black SVG you see above (made by Seth Taylor).


Since I don’t have any specs, I estimated (based off of my own glasses) that the bridge is about 16% of the entire length of the frame and protrudes out a little bit.

The nosepad area I estimated to be 16% around the bridge, and the midpoint between the bottom of the bridge to the bottom of the frame would be where the bump of the nosepad was.

The entire frame also has a slight blend.



my frame


I think it came out pretty well!

I would probably lessen the bend in the bridge and increase the protrusion of the nosepads.


Download the script from my Github and download Blender. I’m using version 2.70 but any future version should work fine.

If you’re already familiar with Blender, then just load up the script, select your imported SVG, and run!

If you’re not, here are more detailed steps.

opening screen

When you open up Blender, hit Scripting to open up the scripting windows.

scripting windows

Press X on the cube to delete it.

delete cube

Press Open to open up the downloaded script.

open up the script

Load your glasses SVG.

load your SVG

Your SVG might be very small so you’ll have to zoom in a lot to see it (scroll up to zoom).

tiny SVG

With the SVG selected, hit Run.

run run run

Viola! Export your glasses as an STL to print.

print those frames!

Design Notes

The 3D glasses might not be the right size, so you might have to scale it. Also, this script might not work great for thick frames, or really weirdly shaped frames, since I assume symmetry and based the parameters around the thin frame above.

There’s some small tweaks I still gotta do.

Try it out! Let me know.

Software Notes

If you’re code savy, feel free to make pull requests. The project is free/open source under GPLv3+.

Best Parts:

  • Saw Rassi! That was an awesome surprise! :D
  • Really good talks (like the one on North Korea) !
  • A lot of cool groups with neat stuffs (FSF, No Starch Press, etc)!

Worst Parts:

  • Hope X was kinda oversold, and they couldn’t fit a lot of people for the keynote talks. It was a huge bummer.
  • Videos of talks won’t be up for a while. Info Booth folks said Hope was planning to sell them as DVDs, and then release them much later. (Temporarily, they’re up on Hope X stream archive)



Last Friday night, I took the Brooklyn VI out of Sheephead Bay with some of my fellow anglers for an awesome night of fishing.

The waters were great and the night was cool and breezy. This boat was a lot smaller than the GoRuCo cruise ship so you really felt the tossing of the waves.

It was my first time fishing in the ocean (also first time fishing with a real rod). I was super excited.

fishing rod

We started off jigging. No luck.

Next we tried bait.


I was a little squeamish about the bait, since they were large chunks of fish instead of nightcrawlers (what I’m used to). What kind of monstrosity were we fishing for?!

Turned out we were fishing for sharks.

Over the couple hours, we caught loads of sharks. Though, not the bluefish or bass we were hoping for, sharks made it a very exciting night.

When I caught my shark, it was a surprise. I was casually reeling in my line, when all of a sudden it got really hard. I panicked a little when I saw a shark emerge from the surface. Harry had to help me reel it in all the way.


We returned all the sharks back to the sea. Due to peer pressure, I had to personally return my shark.

Oh boy was that an experience.

Overall, the night was super fun. We didn’t catch any keeper fish, but we still had a great time.

I wanna go fishing again!

I’d wanted to go to a City Grit dinner ever since I’d heard about them in April. The thought of having a small group of people coming together for a special meal sounded so delectable. Unfortunately, since not every meal could accommodate vegetarians, I never made any reservations and mostly forgotten about them. A few days ago, I got an email saying they’d be having their special all-vegetarian dinner, Veggie Tales. Perfect!

cheese and crackers

After arriving and seating in a small candlelit room, we were served our first course. It was a small sampling of cheese, peaches, black pepper cracker, and pickles.

Very summery.

tomato pie

Next up was tomato pie. This pie had the best, fluffiest, butteriest crust I’ve ever had. The slices of tomato in the pie were SO GOOD!

It was really hard to decide whether I which I liked better: the tomato pie more or the next course, corn and grits.

corn and grits

I haven’t had really good corn in a long time, so this was especially a treat. The texture of the corn with the grits, combined with the snap pea crunch made every bite a delight. I LOVED IT.

ice cream

The night ended with peaches and cream ice cream. With a dollop of heavy cream on top, some boozy cherries, and a burnt caramel sauce, this desert was a great way to end the night.


I liked my first City Grit experience. It was a lot of fun.

If you like intimate dinners, definitely check it out.